Today is different

Yesterday was bad,
Full of darkness
And blinding lights at the same time

Yesterday, I was vulnerable
At my weakest,
I was broken beyond repair

Yesterday, was full of tears,
Sorrow and self doubt,
It was heartbreaking

Yesterday, I was lost,
Within the wilderness
Of my own mind

Yesterday, I was at my worst,
Thinking about giving up,
I was clinging onto a broken branch

Today, I am not the same,
I am born again,
Risen from the ashes

Today, I am my best mate,
Found myself hidden within me,
Beneath the darkness, there was light

Today, I am happy,
Smiling in Sorrow’s face
Even if it’s fake

Today, the past wounds have healed,
The scars and pain have given me strength
I am stronger than I was before

Today, I am collecting the pieces
Of a heart once broken,
Trying to mend it

Today is different.


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