The Captain

I’m aboard,
The ship that sails on,
Through the vastness of the endless sea

With thousands of passengers,
And I, just another crew member,
Lost within the crowd

He who holds the wheel,
On the palm of his hand,
Is the Captain

He stirs the ship,
In the direction he desires,
A path that is unknown to me

The sea waves rise,
As the dark clouds of despair hover over us,
The lightening strikes,

Shaking the ship from within,
And as the rain shower pours,
Everyone runs for their lives

The sun rises from below the horizon,
My eyes once shut, now slowly open,
There I behold the Captain still on his wheel

Many of the crew,
Have left this journey,
That I see from their lifeless bodies

As I wake up,
The Captain smiles at me,
Speaking as he turns the wheel

Wake up, little one,
You have many storms,
Like this one to face

Many fights,
Like this one to fight,
And win

And I shall always be,
Your mate, your mentor,
Your Captain.”


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