Kissed The Pain Away

I told you I was flawed,
Full of imperfections,
The most glitched vessel God could create,

You denied,
Said that you didn’t believe it,
Said that you found me beautiful,

I said I was broken,
From everywhere to everywhere,
Damaged and hurt,

You said that you wanted to see,
Explore my flaws,
And kiss the pain away,

Your warm embrace,
Engulfed me with bliss,
Your eyes, staring into my very soul,

With your warm kisses,
On my cold skin,
My heart skipped a beat,

For the first time,
I felt wanted,
I felt loved,

The delicate touch of your lips,
As soft as a feather,
Filled the void,

That had been punched,
Within my heart,
My soul,

You asked me where it hurt,
I said, “Everywhere”
So you did as you said,

Kissed the pain away.



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