In a desert,
With the scorching sun on the top,
Like a crown too heavy to bear,

You seemed like an oasis,
Quelching away my thirst,
Bringing tranquility,

You were like the sweet lullaby,
That could send an insomniac such as me into a divine sleep,
You were my favorite melody,

You were like the star,
Which lights up the dark,
And leads the way home,

You were like the rose,
It’s sweet fragrance,
Making hearts flutter with bliss,

But it did not take long,
For you to walk away,
Like you never existed,

Not an oasis,
You were a mirage,
A mere illusion,

The song once played,
Has to meet its end,
That I learnt,

That star was too far way,
Too hard to reach,
It got lost within the dark,

The rose had thorns,
Which pricked my skin,
Bringing pain,

You were a dream,
So surreal and unbelievable,
One could mistake you for reality,

Like I did.


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