My Life Saviors: My Teachers

I am not really a people’s person. I am the kind of person who just stays in her shell and doesn’t let anyone in. I am the kind of person who keeps things to herself and drowns in the solitude that she creates for herself everyday.

But my teachers, they somehow find a way to peep into my soul. They somehow know the words I want to hear. And they don’t even know that they have saved my life in a million ways.
So, this is something I wrote for all of those wonderful teachers and to them, I’d like to say, keep inspiring like you do. Because you not only shape the future but you save lives, really.

Not only within the pages of my textbooks,

Nor limited to the four walls of the class,

You reside in the deepest corner of my heart,

Nurtured by your unconditional love and support,

I have become a better human,

For your words warm my heart,

And lift up my spirits,

You have become not only a guiding lantern in the dark,

But an inseparable part of me,

My better and wiser half,

Dear teacher, I shall always be in awe of you,

For I find my home,

Within your words.


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