Satan and The Girl

The other day, I was watching a movie called  “End Of Days” for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s basically based on how Satan takes a human form to search for a wife and how a good person stops him.

Now, in that movie, they depicted how Satan is evil and bad. And how he tries to rise above God but fails.

After the movie ended, there was one thing that I pondered upon.If Satan exists, is he really that bad? So I went online to search more about him.
What I found out what that he is evil and an angel who did not agree to what God said and hence, he was banished.

This subject somehow intrigued me. And then I got this idea. I don’t know if its a short story or anything else but its just a form of fiction including poems and short stories made up in my head.

Before you read this, I want you to know that I am no believer of Satanism. I am a follower and believer of God. But through my work, I want to argue about good and evil. How for good to be born, evil has to persist.
So ya, it’s all a work of fiction and I am very excited about this project because I think it’s out of the box, out of my box at least.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present before you: Satan and The Girl.
I would really be glad if you give some response/suggestions on it. I hope the subject intrigues you just like it has captivated me. Here is a little introduction for it :-

Her eyes were empty. Pale, puffed and devoid of all emotions but heartache. Within the four walls of her room, engulfed by the darkness and his demons, her soul was tortured.

His demons whispered things, so horrible inside her ears, it made her question her life. It made her question herself and God.

Her insides screamed for help to anyone who could hear. Yet, she got nothing but agony in return.

Satan smiled as he saw her plead to God, for he knew how futile it was.
“To have faith in Him when He does nothing to help. Very cliche, how does he have such good publicists, still?” he thought as he saw her burn in the fire he had created.

Many times she pressed the blade onto her skin, gulped pills to put an end to the misery. Every time, she failed.
She tried until one day, she had lost everything. That day she decided that it was futile to run away from her demons. So she was determined to find more about this being who had changed her whole life.

A broken heart is so broken, that it can fix anything in the world. And hers was the broken one. So, she set out.

On contrary to others who seek God, she went on the road which lead to the Devil.


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