There is a field. Vast and stretched to infinity. So green and free. With apple trees growing here and there.

In the morning, the boundless sky above is a mixture of soft blue and serene white. The silvery clouds seem to reflect heaven’s light. The birds fly and chirup around us, making us a part of nature’s blissful melody.

The sun sets and soon the dark envelopes the sky with innumerable, bright stars.

I imagine us there, laying out in the open, with the long, soft grass growing beside us. Admiring the beautiful constellations, nebulae, galaxies and stars. With the sound of nothing but our rhymtic breathing and the soft breeze that brushes past skin, as if breathing it life.

We look up at the night sky as if it’s a vast ocean and we, a part of it. Resting at the very bottom. Watching our life go past us in slow motion.

And in that moment, it’s not I or you that exist. Both of us live and breathe together, as one. You and I become we.

There lies a field somewhere, in my dreams and I imagine us there. Every night. Living as one whole, completing and healing each other’s imperfections.

With the nature smiling at our union.



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