Longing for you,
Drives me to a stage,
Of sheer madness.

Your love,
Warms my cold heart,
To hurt it again.

I am blinded,
By the sight of a face,
That is nothing more than an illusion.

You are like a snake charmer,
You cage me with your spells,
And I, the oblivious ,naive one;

Do as I am commanded to,
Without apprehension or question,
Even if you destroy me.

You control my entity,
Every emotion I feel,
Every action I do.

I am nothing more,
Than a mere puppet to you.

I have surrendered my heart to you,
But you won’t share yours,
So all of my devotion drains away

And I don’t try to break free
Because this is the closest to you,
I can ever be.


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