Dear Love

O-strange feeling,

You beguile me.

You seem to have a power,

Stronger than that of the Gods above.

You grant life,

To the unloved and lifeless.

And you take it away,

Without warning.

O-strange feeling,

That burns through my heart,

You give me both pleasure and pain.

Are you fickle?

Or just made that way?

It is merely the flip of a switch,

And I become your puppet.

Helpless and drawn.

To the spell,

You lure me into.

You are like oblivion to me,

Unfound, unfelt and unknown.

But the tales they narrate,

Leave me in awe of you.

Yet my heart fears,

Your power.

Dear love,

I do not know you,

Yet you seem to be an old acquaintance.

A guest- uninvited,

In the residence of my being.

I know that I will fall,

And it will hurt,

But somehow,

I wish you to overwhelm me.


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