A Soldier At War


Lost and detached,
I am alone,
Amongst the people of my kind.

I fight,
Without purpose or reason,
And I move on,
Devoid of all humanity.

My bruised skin,
The wounds that shine like medals on it,
Spew blood.

Red is the only colour I know.

Peace and harmony,
Seem like words very ancient,
Covered with the dust of past;
Without meaning.

I climb this mountain,
Of an endless height,
Where my future,
Is nothing but a blur.

I am tossed like a rag doll,
Between sanity and madness,
Failing to find;
The thin line of difference.

I am high on my pain. It is my only drug.

I dont know silence,
I don’t know happiness,
Neither bliss,
Nor equanimity.

All that is known,
All that is real,
Is this fight,
My struggle for survival.

On the battle grounds of hell,
The thunder of the canons,
Blowing of the war horns,
And cries for mercy,
Are the sole source of music.

I am a soldier at war,
With the world,
With myself.
I breathe in ashes and smoke,
And breathe out fire and misery.

And I fight,
And fight,
And fight.


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