He laughs at a silly mistake you did; or perhaps a prank played on you.

His raspy laugh echoing inside your ears through the phone, the most wonderful sound you’ve ever heard.

Soon, your long, lost faith in magic returns as his voice sends shivers down your spine, makes your heart beat at a faster pace, and makes you so full of life.

And in that moment, you want to reach out; cross a million miles that keep you both from each other and hug him tight. 

You imagine how his hands would touch your skin, the electricity that will rush through your entire body when he does so.

You try to feel the warmth his embrace would provide, and how safe you’d feel in his arms.

And you don’t ever want to let go- not of him and not of this feeling. You yearn to stay close to him, forever. You wish that for once, time could quit being cruel and stand still.

And then, it hits you. 

He’s there and you’re here.

Your little bubble of imagination pops and you are brought back to reality.

A reality without him. 


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