Late Night Thoughts

Tonight, I am sad. Again;

And I don’t know where to keep this sorrow. This perpetual hurricane that has made its residence inside my heart. Filling my pages doesn’t help, anymore. I am not devoid of sadness, it’s there inside me. Stagnant. Rotting me with it. I am numb.

I think of things that could have been. I think of the times when you were with me, and I thought we were forever;

And I wonder, what in the world was my mistake.

What did I do wrong to not deserve your affection?

Did my gender bother you, like it did everyone else?

Did my face- my eyes, my nose, my lips that resemble yours, made you want to run away from me as far as possible?

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and see my reflection?

Do you? Because I do.


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